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Raulf Solo - Writ in Water (2014)

12 Live-Aufnahmen von Dirk Raulf auf Sopran- und Bass-Saxophon. Neben Eigenkompositionen interpretiert er Stücke von Thelonious Monk (Hackensack/Well You Needn't), Sting (Fragile), Björk (All Is Full of Love), Friedrich Hollaender (Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte) und Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino) sowie ein norwegisches Volkslied (Bruremarsj).

Photos von Dirk Raulf. Gesamtlänge des Albums ca. 50 Minuten.

Raulfs Anmerkungen:

"This series of live recordings is a musical journey through different spaces and settings, played in galleries, churches, clubs, small concert halls, shops, gardens, living rooms and, yes, even at funerals. Recorded with a small digital recording device and a stereo microphone. From very intimate, groups of ten or more to crowds of maybe a hundred listeners. You may hear the sounds and the sizes of the different rooms, creating different moods and atmospheres and inspiring improvisations, partly based on or leading to themes, sometimes paraphrasing jazz or pop tunes, always born in the moment without any pre-consideration:
writ in water."